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Atlantic has been know to introduce many features to today's luggage design.  They have sleeves on the back side of their carry on pieces. This makes it very easy to securely fasten the accessories pieces to their rolling upright wheelers.  

Also they feature zipper compartment to hide the retractable handle on their uprights.  This gives added protection by keeping the handles out of the way from unwanted hits when checked thru on the airline.

On the back side one will find glider protectors to help safeguard the pull up handle from the possible abuses of handles.

The material that Atlantic uses will vary from their different lines.  All are more than twice the strength of luggage from earlier generation.  This added tensile strength will give added protection that any traveler would appreciate.


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Strong, durable series of product line by Atlantic luggage.
We offer an array of rolling pieces, totes, duffels, suiters, garment bags
and more that could be the perfect fit to your travel needs.

What Atlantic Luggage makes is quality luggage at reasonable prices.  So if you find it hard to justify (with your travel needs) some of those other high price lines, we may have the perfect solution for you.  We offer the best series and more value than any other source.  After all we have been in business for over 50 years.

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 Choose the Infinity III or upgrade to the next level of quality, the Professional 2.0

Infinity III Series by atlantic

Professional 2.0 Series
Infinity III Professional 2.0
Made of the tough 2400 Denier Poly-Nylon Plus.  Comes in Black, Brown, Green or Tapestry. Made of stronger and tougher high density Ballistic  Nylon with Leather trim, oversized zipper pulls and fully lined. Comes in Black or Sage.

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