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It was 1846  when A.T. Cross Company started and  lead as the premier manufacturer of quality pen writing instruments.  The history of the A.T. Cross Company is very interesting.  It can be attributed to two extraordinary families: the Cross family, from 1846; and the Boss family since 1915.

Traveled from the English Midlands al the way to Providence, Rhode Island.  There were five generations of the Cross family that refined the jeweler’s craft.  Always with exacting design and precise tooling to produce the first high quality writing pen instrument. The company’s namesake, Alonzo T. Cross, registered his first of 26 U.S. patents in 1873.  Continuing to grow in size and reputation, they were recognized for innovating new plating techniques and remarkably durable materials, including vulcanized rubber.  This was actually  used in the stylographic, circa 1881, Alonzo Cross’ novel writing instrument. 

Walter Boss,top sales person at the time, was offered  the option of purchasing the family business by Alonzo T. Cross himself..  Thus starting the second stewardship of the A.T. Cross Company occurred in 1915.   New ideas such as marketing the company from New York, expanding product lines, and colorful new designs - sprung from the imagination and foresight of Walter Boss. At the same time, competition was heating up and turmoil within Europe burgeoned into World War. Similar to many companies during this difficult period, A.T. Cross sacrificed its own interests to produce precision parts for the Army Signal Corps.

Continuing the rich history came the Post war economies.  This era  spawned a new  A.T. Cross Company, with sons Ellery, Russell, and Arthur in the drivers’ seat. Innovations such as the ball-point pen, the concept of gift marketing, and new channels of distribution paved the way for a company with an eye on the future while respectful of its past.

Currently, A.T. Cross embarks on the newest era of the Internet.  The family of A.T. Cross Company is poised for another century of successive.  The new Morph and other updated products directly address this new landscape.   And while many changes occur, be assured that the durable quality of the A.T. Cross Company will remain a steadfast virtue for many generations to come.

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