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Interesting enough, many customers cited how favorable magazine reviews on Ricardo had been influential in their decision making process of choosing luggage.  They called it best value and said it offered more for you money than other brands.  The Ricardo lines are not expensive.  When you have sources like Consumer Reports listing these products right next to luggage that is hundreds of dollars more, customers noticed.  Since this has been developing for many years, the Ricardo luggage has become very well established as solid economical line of luggage.

Ricardo Luggage
Ricardo Luggage makes strong, durable series of product line.
We offer an array of rolling pieces, totes, duffels, suiters, garment bags
and more that could be the perfect fit to your travel needs.

At our online shop,, we offer solutions to your travel needs at all price points.  Each series represented on our web site offers something unique and different because people travel differently.  Leisure road trips is sometimes the only way some vacationers travel, making  no airline travel plans.  While others may business travel via planes several times a week.  Still some (maybe the majority of people) balance their travel time somewhere between the two types.

What Ricardo Luggage makes is quality luggage at reasonable prices.  So if you find it hard to justify (with your travel needs) some of those other high price lines, we may have the perfect solution for you.  We offer the best series and more value than any other source.  After all we have been in business for over 50 years.


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Big Sur 2000 Series

Big Sur 2000 Series
 Comes in Black, Red or Green

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