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Samsonite Silhouette 6
Samsonite Silhouette 7
Samsonite  Aspire 400 
Samsonite    Clearance

Customer Feedback

When you go up to anyone, anywhere in the world and ask them to name one luggage line they will often say "Samsonite".  Everyone knows this name even if they don't own one.  It was no different when we spoke to Samsonite customers.  They want a name they are familiar with as well as being more reasonably priced.  The main word that people came up with to describe this brand was "Value".


 Samsonite Luggage
Samsonite Luggage makes strong, durable series of product line.
We offer an array of rolling pieces, totes, duffels, suiters, garment bags
and more that could be the perfect fit to your travel needs.

What Samsonite Luggage addresses is quality at reasonable prices.  So if you have found it difficult to justify (with your travel needs) some of those other high price lines, we may have the perfect solution for you.  We offer the best series and more value than any other source.  After all we have been in business for over 50 years.

Each series represented on our web site offers something unique and different because people travel differently.  Leisure road trips is sometimes the only way some vacationers travel, making  no airline travel plans.  While others may business travel via planes several times a week.  Still some (maybe the majority of people) balance their travel time somewhere between the two types.

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Silhouette 6 Series

Silhouette 6 Series
 Comes in Black, Jade or Sapphire

Samsonite Luggage:   Silhouette 8   Airstop luggage   Aspire I (400 series)   Aspire II (400 series)
Dominion (835 series)   System 4 Deluxe   Oyster Hardside luggage   Silhouette 7    Carbon  2010 
F'Lite Hardsided    Ultra 3000 (550 series)    Samsonite Clearance   
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