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Behind the Brand:


Since its inception in 1977, Hartmann has secured a reputation for outstanding quality and durability.  From wheels and handles to zippers and stitching, every component of a product must pass Hartmann's rigorous testing requirements before being made available to consumers. 

Tumble Test
Designed to simulate the wear and tear that a piece of luggage endures when checked at the airport. 
This test takes place in a hexagon drum outfitted with sandpaper, wood, metal and raised edges. A weighted Mobile Traveler must endure 7,000 drops and sustain no major damages in order to pass Hartmann’s Tumble Test.

Handle Test
The top and side handles on a Hartmann Mobile Traveler must be capable of completing a minimum of 30,000 cycles of handle lift testing. The retractable handle on all Hartmann Mobile Travelers must complete a minimum of 1,125 cycles on the handle lift test as well as be able to complete 8,000 cycles of operational opening and closing with no functional impairments.

Wheel Test
To test the overall durability of the wheels on a Mobile Traveler, Hartmann “runs” a weighted Mobile Traveler for 100 miles at three miles an hour at a 45-degree angle on a custom equipped treadmill with an 80-grit sandpaper belt. The wheels must sustain minimal material loss to pass this test and be considered for use by Hartmann.

Three-Point Test
To determine the tensile strength in pounds on a retractable Mobile Traveler handle, Hartmann tests the amount of force required to damage the handle rod by placing it in clamps and measuring the force required to bend or pull the rod at the center. Hartmann’s Mobile Traveler handle rods withstand more than 800 pounds of pressure.

Source:  HL Operation Corp.

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