Luggage Terms



Backpack - A pack with two shoulder straps that can be comfortable carried on your back.

Carry-on - Simply a piece of luggage that is allowed to be carried onto a commercial airplane. 

Duffle -  A casual piece of luggage with no frame to pack more informal clothes.

Garment Bag - A bag that holds garments using a hanging system.  A traveler can hang suits, dresses or any formal clothes.

Roll-a-board - A term used by Travelpro Luggage to describe their pieces with rolling wheels and pull up handle.  Sometime a general term "Upright" could be used to describe this piece.

Satchels -  A casual term to describe a relaxed soft zipper carry on, usually related to carrying business items.

Suiter -  This means that a suit, dress or any hanging garment will fit inside the piece being described.

Tote - A small size piece of luggage that can be carried onto a plane.  It is slightly larger than a traveling handbag.  It is a great piece for traveling with your essentials in case your luggage got delayed.

Travel Tote - A term to describe a slightly larger carryon tote bag.  Used to carry slightly more than a travelers essentials.

Upright - This has become a general term to describe rolling luggage.  Luggage that has 2 rolling wheels on bottom and pull up handle on top has to be upright to roll properly.

Wardrobe Bag -  A huge bag that is a extra large Garment type bag.  Usually this would be on wheels because it is so large.  Strictly a piece of luggage that has to be check in with the airlines.  

Wheel-a-way - A term used by Tumi Luggage to describe their rolling luggage.  In other words it is luggage with rolling wheels on the bottom and a pull up handle on top.


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