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Travelpro Luggage:
      WalkAbout Lite  FlightPro3  Crew5  Platinum 4   TPro Extreme  Vibe  & Travelpro Business Cases

People turn to Travelpro Luggage for wide selection of popular luggage.  The inventor of rolling upright suiters and more.  We do our part to make sure our customers receive the most current products and the most latest advancement all with the most favorable pricing.  

Platinum 3 SeriesPlatinum3 Series   Platinum4 Series
While supplies last, we are offering the Platinum 3 series with extra savings.  The Platinum enjoys the #1 Rating by C0NSUMER REP0RTS.  That is very impressive.  The Platinum 3 is the luggage of choice by top executives as witness by Donald Trump in his well known Apprentice boardroom meetings.

We go the extra mile by offering special pricing to this already "proven" series.  As these leading experts have said you can not find a better quality line. 


Crew5Crew5Crew5Crew5 Series

  TPro XtremeTPro XtremeTPro XtremeTPro Xtreme Series  
  The latest in technological advances.  Each piece combines the great look and feel of Microfiber with the strength and wear ability of Ballistic nylon, called DuPont Microballistic Nylon.  Now it is even lighter in weight and better pocket configurations.   Casual, sporty luggage for the serious traveler. Tpro Xtreme bags come packed with convenient features such as insulated pockets to hold snacks, padded pockets for a CD player even a compass so you will always find your way home.  
  Flightpro3Flightpro3Flightpro3FlightPro3 Series   VibeVibeVibeVibe Series  
  Made of 3150 Denier DuPont Teflon Coated Ballistic Nylon.
With New improvements and lighter weight.
  The Vibe series is economical style with wheeled duffle, essentials and more.  Made with 2400D Dobby Polyballistic with Eva foam backing this collection is built to last.  
  Walk About LiteWalk About LiteWalk About LiteWalkAbout Lite   Business Cases by TravelproBusiness Cases by TravelproBusiness Cases  
  The WalkAbout Lite series introduces an economical Lightweight line from Travelpro.  No piece is over 9.7 lbs.  

The wide range of business cases by Travelpro. 


closed out series:
TPro Series
The Tpro series introduces a youthful look with lots of extras from Travelpro.

The WalkAbout 3 series introduces an economical line from Travelpro.

Crew4 series has been retired by Travelpro and replaced with the next generation: the Crew5 series.

FlightPro 2

Made of 2520 Denier DuPont Teflon Coated Ballistic Nylon.
See garment bags and totes as well as the
wheel rollaboard suitcases.

Travelpro offers 3 pieces in the molded ABS hard shelled luggage.

Platinum II Luggage - rated "the best"
This series was rated as the BEST large wheeled upright in C0NSUMER REP0RTS December 2001 issue.
 We offer the entire series at LOWEST PRICE EVER.  Platinum II series is
 travelpro's premier series with the strong DuPont 1050 Military Ballistic Nylon and more.....  

Majestic Luggage on sale - click here
Made of the strong DuPont Teflon Coated 3360 denier Tuffguard Ballistic Nylon.

Crew3 Luggage on sale - click here
The Crew3 series has rolling luggage of Cordura Plus by DuPont.

FlightPro Luggage on sale - click here
The FlightPro series from Travelpro has received high marks for its value.
Made of 1680D DuPont Teflon coated ballistic nylon.
See garment bags and totes as well as the wheel rollaboard suitcases.