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Close Up:  Search Alert Lock

click to see TSA locks   The new SearchAlert re-settable combination padlock by Prestolock offers two unique innovations in luggage security:

#1.  SearchAlert may be opened with an override device controlled by Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents.  No SearchAlert lock should be cut off by TSA agents.

#2.  SearchAlert features a Security Window which changes color from Green to Red when any override device is used.


The Security Window shows Red under the following conditions:

Luggage checked at an Airport or Seaport is sent through an electronic screening. If a TSA agent determines the luggage needs to be hand searched, the SearchAlert lock will be opened by the agent. When the TSA override device is used, the Security Window changes color from Green to Red. The Security Window also changes color from Green to Red if a counterfeit override device is used to open the SearchAlert lock.

If a TSA agent hand searches a piece of luggage, the agent is required to leave a TSA Notice of Inspection in the bag If the SearchAlert lock Security Window shows red, and no official notice of inspection is found, the traveler should take the luggage to a TSA security person to determine if anything is missing, or if anything has been added to the luggage.  Compare TSA locks or place an order.  -click here-

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