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Highlights: Briggs and Riley Baseline Series
If your bag is ever broken or damaged, even if it was caused by an airline, Briggs & Riley will repair it free of charge. Simple as that!  Briggs and Riley has a reputation for its priority in making quality products.  That is why they have the best written warranty, which they call "as simple as that".   >>read more

ENLARGE -click here-The Expansion Device is unique.  Not only does it make it easier to expand 25% more room, it also gives a firm wall to pack against.  Other manufacturers use only a zipper track which does not make it easy to pack when expanded.  The Briggs system is far superior with 2 "push button" devices inside.  Must see!  >>see expansion system

ENLARGE -click here-
The Handle on the outside
makes it easier to pack on the inside, since there is a smooth flush surface to pack against.  There is also less potential for wrinkling since there is no bulky handle poles inside. >>see handle

ENLARGE -click here-
The Inside with Removable Suiter Sleeves.
  Well thought-out interiors throughout the Briggs line.  Take a look at the Uprights that expand and have removable sleeves for formal clothes.  >>see inside w/removable sleeve

ENLARGE -click here-The Quick Pocket Sleeve with orange lining makes it easier to see important documents in a very convenient (but secure) place...right on top of the upright front panel. >>see pocket

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Excellent Piggy Back System.  A Briggs has a great system for hooking coordinating and rolling accompanied pieces in their line.  For example the wheeled cabin tote (which can easily carry other smaller pieces as it is wheeled onto the plane) can snap onto a larger piece.  It's great when you go to pick up your check-thru piece at the airport.   A patented device on the back side that "snaps-on" to fit securely onto the larger piece. >>see feature 

ENLARGE -click here-Easy to use zippers and strong material.  2520D ballistic, self-repairing, fabric that resists wear, water, dirt and abrasions.  ABS corner guards are impact-resistant, ergonomic YKK Racquet Coil zipper pulls shape to fit your fingers.  >>see close up 

ENLARGE -click here-
The Inside.
  Notice the removable hanging dopp kit that "snaps" out.  
By design, all these Brigg wheelers have more packing room on the inside than other Brands.   >>see inside

ENLARGE -click here-A unique serial number plate inside each upright.  Inside the expandable suiter upright Briggs has stitched and riveted in place an identification scan to help track down unidentified luggage.   >>see close up  

ENLARGE -click here-No weak links!  The Briggs and Riley Baseline Series is a Proven winner, with a long track record, over 15 years of constant improvements.  Briggs will always be motivated to have the best workmanship in their product line because their reputation as well as the assurances of their unique written warranty.  >> see logo close up 

_______________________video clips________

ENLARGE -click here-Hidden Luggage Tag.  A luggage tag concealed in each upright.  Your name and address only to be revealed when needed.  >>see close up video 

ENLARGE -click here-Uprights Expand with a push of a button.   >>see close up video 

ENLARGE -click here-Uprights with Snap-in dopp kit.   >>see close up video 

ENLARGE -click here-Matching computer bag.   >>see close up video 

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