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Tanned with natural oils gives this leather more tensile strength than any other tanning process.  The patina process brings a mature look that will never be duplicated with any cheaper imitated processes.  The maturing darkening process (which develops over time) is what makes this leather unique and appreciated by its owner.  Hartmann  Belting Leather comes in  Natural Belting Leather   470 seriesNo other leather offers this experience.

1860 Hartmann 22" Travel Duffel
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22x10x10" 695.00 Click to Enlarge
Model Below no longer available Dimensions Retail


Uprights on wheels - Suiters
3170 20" Deluxe Mobile Traveler no longer available 20x14.75x7.75" 850.00

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3510 22" Deluxe Mobile Traveler no longer available 22x14.25x9" 950.00

Click here to enlarge

Garment bag on wheels
3220 41" Mobile Traveler garment bag  no longer available 21x20x9.75"closed 1,095.00 Click here to enlarge
Garment bag
2190 44" Overnight garment bag no longer available 22x14x8"cloosed 795.00 Click here to enlarge
Large Carry-Ons
1150 Carry-on with Suit compartment inside no longer available 21.5x13.5x7.75" 655.00 Click here to enlarge
1030 Valise no longer available 18x12x9" 750.00 Click here to enlarge
1850 18" Travel Duffel no longer available 18x9x9" 625.00 Click here to enlarge
1080 Polo Duffel    no longer available 17.5x12.25x8.75" 655.00
1120 21" Outing no longer available 21.5x13.5x10.5" 695.00 Click here to enlarge
1960 Carry-on Tote no longer available 16.25x14x5.75" 425.00 Click here to enlarge
1270 Cosmo Tote no longer available 14x10.5x7" 395.00 Click here to enlarge
1410 Attachable Tote no longer available 12x15.5x6.5" 495.00 Click here to enlarge
Travel Kits
6290 Organizer Travel Kit no longer available 11x6x4" 195.00 Click here to enlarge
6380 Cargo Kit no longer available 9x6x4.25" 125.00 Click here to enlarge

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Advisor Styles
5170 Double Compartment Deluxe Brief
no longer available
16.75x12x7.75"  595.00 Click to Enlarge
Alliance Styles
5700 Single Gusset Flap-over
no longer available
16x11.5x3.5" 395.00 Click to Enlarge
5730 Computer Brief
no longer available
16x11.5x5.25" 495.00 Click to Enlarge
555 Single Compartment Brief
no longer available
16x11x3.25" 625.00 Click to Enlarge


Messenger Bag
no longer available



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Simple Laptop Brief
no longer available



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5333 Lawyer's Brief
no longer available
17.75x12.5x7" 875.00

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5332 Slim Lawyers Briefbag
no longer available
16x12x7.25" 675.00

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Attache Cases
5800 Slimline Attache no longer available
Comfortable padded leather handle  3-dial combination lock with gold finish
Interior lid features organizational panel and double file compartments for organizing business files
18x13x4" 695.00 Click to Enlarge
5810 Deluxe Attache no longer available
Comfortable padded leather handle  3-dial combination lock with gold finish
Removable desktop feature provides smooth work surface  Interior lid features organizational panel
18x13x4.75" 795.00 Click to Enlarge

Tweed 440 Fabric  Belting Leather   Luxe Collection   American Hero Leather Briefs  Classic Leather Business Cases

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