Briggs & Riley Baseline Series

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Baseline Series (closeouts)  -special pricing get coupon -
Featuring the trademarked Outsider handle that provides a flat packing surface.  Some of the new editions to the collection is the rounded soft-touch telescopic handle grip.  The handle is made of 100% aircraft-grade aluminum that locks in the up or down position.  The new Outside pocket provides even more room for packing.  The bottom skid plate protects the case from curb scuffing and the handle at the bottom of the case makes for easy lifting.  And there are quiet-glide, wide profile wheels.  Also the 2520D ballistic, self-repairing, fabric
that resists wear, water, dirt and abrasions.  ABS corner guards are impact-resistant, ergonomic YKK Racquet Coil zipper pulls shape to fit your fingers and retractable leather carry handle is easy to carry.  highlights >>>          blackolivecrystal.   

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Top Baseline Highlights


Other Briggs Series...
sporty & lightweight

Model Click on Description Dimensions & Weight Retail Price Photo
Carry-On Wheeled Superlights
U420S 20" Carry-On Superlight Upright 20x14x8.5" 9.6 lbs. 289.00 289.00 go even lower

Click to EnlargeClick to EnlargeClick to Enlarge

U422S 22" Carry-On Superlight Upright 22x14x8.5" 10.4 lbs. 319.00 319.00 go even lower
Carry-On Expandable Wheeled Uprights
U422X 22" Carry-On
Expandable Upright
22x14x8.5-11"  10.9 lbs. 359.00 359.00 go even lower Click to Enlarge
U420NX 20" Carry-On Deluxe
Expandable Upright
20x14x8.5-11"   11.4 lbs. 379.00 379.00 go even lower Click to Enlarge
U422NX 22" Carry-On Deluxe
Expandable Upright
22x14x8.5-11"   11.9 lbs. 429.00 429.00 go even lower Click to Enlarge
Large Wheeled Superlights
U524S 24" Superlight Upright 24x18x10.5"   12.1 lbs. 429.00 429.00 go even lower Click to EnlargeClick to EnlargeClick to Enlarge
U526S 26" Superlight Upright 26x18x10.5"    12.2 lbs. 469..00 469.00 go even lower
U528S 28" Superlight Upright 28x21x12"     14.3 lbs. 479.00 479.00 go even lower
Large Wheeled Uprights -closeouts
U524NX 24" Expandable Upright 24x18x11-13"  14.7 lbs. 469.00 469.00 go even lower Click to EnlargeClick to EnlargeClick to Enlarge
U526NX 26" Expandable Upright 26x18x11-13"  14.7 lbs. 479.00 479.00 go even lower
U528NX 28" Expandable Upright 28x21x12.5-14.5"  16.5 lbs. 519.00 519.00 go even lower
Garment Bags (non-wheeled)
379 Classic Garment Cover 21x22.5x2"   2.8 lbs. 109.00 109.00 go even lower Click to Enlarge
380 Long Garment Cover -sold out- 22x26.5x2"  32.lbs. 119.00 119.00 go even lower Click to Enlarge
Totes (non-wheeled)
221 Deluxe Travel Tote 10.5x16.5x11.5"  3.6 lbs.
159.00 159.00 go even lower Click to Enlarge
224 Convertible Travel Tote 12.8x20x9"  3.8 lbs. 189.00 189.00 go even lower Click to Enlarge

Order on-line Today.  Also you can call Toll Free (877) 370-2353 for friendly staff.  London Luggage Shop (located in Detroit, Michigan) is an authorized dealer and has been delighting customers for over 50 years.

Also all Briggs and Riley Luggage pricing includes Free domestic shipping and more.  No sales tax if shipped to anywhere outside the state of Michigan.  On-line ordering is of the highest level secure format.  We have been in business for over 50 years and offer 30 day Money Back Guarantee.  We also stock and ship out  immediately.  All Briggs and Riley Baseline pieces are backed by Manufacturer's Lifetime Warranty.  We also can gold hot stamp your initials at no extra charge,  just specify desired initials under "Special Instructions" when placing order.

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Our Customer shares their story about the Briggs Warranty
Hello my name is S---------- B-----, I bought a Briggs and Riley bags from you last year and just wanted to tell you how much I love and can't go with out it. about three weeks ago one of the wheels came off and I remembered that when Toni sold me the bag she expressed that it has a life time warranty so I found my papers called Briggs and Riley spoke with a young lady named Margret.  I explained my problem regarding the wheel she gave me the option of taking the bag to the store to get it fixed for free or sending me the wheels and I can replace it myself. well I thought if I take it to the store it may take to long to get it back so I choose to have the wheel sent to me. now I was only without my bag 1 day before I called her. after I called her she stated they will be shipped ups today. the next evening I just couldn't wait any longer for my wheel so I took the hammer and hit the little black thing back in. Yes now I was able to use my bag until the wheel came but when the new  wheels arrived I couldn't take the old wheel off to put the new one on so I'm still using my bag with the old wheel on but with the new wheels in pocket. thank you so much for this bag it's so convenient and hold every thing I need with room to spare and with all the books plus my lap top, water ..etc. , inside it's still unbelievably light compared to the old book bag type with the wheels on it. thank you so much I really LOVE my bag. S---------


Response from
There is no doubt the Briggs and Riley Warranty is the best written warranty in the business.  Remember (as it is stated in the Briggs warranty) that you may have to pay the shipping costs.  However, that is far less out of pocket than the hundred dollars or more we have seen charged from repairs done on some other premium brands.


Customer Reviews: Briggs and Riley Baseline  read more reviews >>>